Advances in DNA technology empower your doctor to diagnose the health risks hidden in your genes. With this information you and your doctor can be confident that your medications are tailored specifically to you.


Are your medications working for you?

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Your personal healthcare map on the tip of a swab

  1. Your healthcare provider quickly and painlessly collects your DNA with a simple swab from the inside of your cheek.
  2. Your DNA is then processed by next generation gene sequencers at a state-of-the-art pharmacogenetics laboratory.
  3. By analyzing these data your physician determines the rate at which your body metabolizes certain medications.

The exact medications - best suited for you - exists right in your genes.

  • Prevent harmful medication side effects
  • Minimize the risk of overdose
  • Ensure that medications are right for your type of metabolism
  • Stop wasting money on prescriptions that don't work




Normal metabolizers, also referred to as "Rapid metabolizers" metabolize medications normally  and typically are prescribed according to guidelines intended by the drug's manufacturer and attending physician

Drugs can be broken down too quickly or improperly, requiring a higher dosage or change in medication in many cases.

Drugs are not metabolized fast enough resulting in either too little or too much of the drug in the body.

Drugs, supplements and some foods will reduce or increase the effectiveness of the medication.